The Real World Tate Review

the real world tate

The real world that is an online learning platform that teaches people how to make money through various business models. One of these is affiliate marketing, where members earn a commission for referring new members to the site. Some have questioned whether the program is a pyramid scheme, but Andrew Tate insists that this is not the case.

Tate, who was once a professional kickboxer and appeared on the TV show Big Brother, is now an entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar fortune through a variety of profitable business ventures. He frequently references the film The Matrix and compares himself to Neo taking the red pill to escape the fake reality of the alternate universe. He also claims to be a prophet, and has attracted a large following among men and boys who aspire to his lifestyle of luxury cars and private jets.


While some followers view him as a hero for overthrowing the world order, others see him as a savior who can help them make enough to pay their medical bills or rent. Many of these men are desperately searching for a way out of the economic crisis, and Tate’s delusions seem to be playing right into their fears.

Tate promotes his course through numerous TikTok videos and social media accounts. He encourages his followers to aggressively promote the course by posting their sign-up links on TikTok and Instagrams, which results in a small percentage of the course fee being paid back to them for successful sign-ups. The program’s promotion tactics have been criticized by several people, including some who argue that it violates regulations against pyramid schemes.