Choosing a Playground Resurfacing Contractor Near Me

playground resurfacing contractor near me

Choosing the best playground resurfacing contractor near me is vital to keeping children safe, healthy and active for years to come. Comparison shopping is a must in the decision-making process. The playground planning team should engage in this purposeful activity to determine which playground surface system fits their project and operational resources. For example, some agencies may have the capital dollars available to invest in a more costly surface, while other play areas are limited by budgets that only allow for an affordable option.

The NCA surface study reveals that there are many different types of surface systems on the market. Each surface system has its own unique characteristics and maintenance needs. Some surfacing materials require a large learning curve for park crews, while others have more complex installation processes that result in added costs. Ultimately, the right surface system will depend on the agency’s budget, critical fall height requirements and color choices (there are unlimited combinations).

Finding the Perfect Playground Resurfacing Contractor Near Me

Poured-in-place rubber (PIP) is one of the most expensive options for playgrounds, but it is also considered one of the most durable. PIP requires intensive installation, from mixing the binder to hand-troweling the material level, so it’s typically installed by contractors specializing in this surface material.

Interlocking tiles are another popular option for a playground surface. They’re available in many colors and meet and exceed all ASTM, CPSC, and ADA standards. This versatile safety surfacing is ideal for environments with a mix of both barefoot and shoe traffic, such as water parks and pool decks.