CBD Treats For Cats

cbd treats for cats

When choosing a cbd treats for cats treat or chew for your feline, look for one that is made with high-quality ingredients and third-party lab testing. Additionally, consider the treat’s pet-friendly potency and if it can be used for acute wellness needs as well as chronic issues. Many of our top picks offer added benefits, like probiotics to promote digestive health, omega-3 fatty acids for joint health, and other natural plant compounds that enhance the overall wellness impact.

A popular option for calming pets, these treats use a blend of CBD extracts and organic catnip to create a chew that is both delicious and effective. They contain 2mg of full-spectrum hemp sourced CBD per chew, along with a blend of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes to provide holistic support. A variety of other vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy serving of fish oil, round out the ingredients for a nutritious snack that supports cats of all ages.

Purr-fectly Calm: The Benefits of CBD Treats for Your Feline Friends

These chews from JustPets are an excellent choice for balancing the levels of CBD in your pet’s body. They’re formulated with a balanced concentration of ingredients and include soothing elements like L-theanine and valerian root to help calm cats and ease them into sleep. They’re also a great choice for easing anxiety, stress and hyperactivity.

These bite-sized, chicken-flavored treats come in 3lb bags that contain mini nugget-shaped pieces that are made with natural ingredients including oatmeal flour and flaxseed. They’re infused with broad-spectrum hemp derived CBD that contains legal limits of THC, as well as chamomile and lavender to promote relaxation and calmness. They’re a higher potency pick, with a recommended serving of 1 chewable for every 10 lbs (4 kg) of your pet’s weight.