Beauty in 2022

Beauty in 2022

Beauty is a $70 billion industry that’s been around since the dawn of civilization. From judging the iridescent feathers of a bird to comparing the shininess of your own coat, beauty standards permeate our societies and influence us daily. URL

In 2022, beauty trends are taking a bold approach to makeup and styling. Whether it’s eyeliner in neon pink or a bold lip color, this is the year for bright colors to dominate your look. TikTok is driving this trend with its focus on user-generated content and beauty influencers. For example, when beauty influencer Alyssa Milano was gifted skincare products from Soft Services, she created a non-ad post on her TikTok account and the brand saw its product sales spike 3x over estimates.

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Another beauty trend to watch for is DIY beauty and home-based treatments like permanent hair removal, teeth whitening, and laser skin rejuvenation. These at-home technologies are gaining popularity and proving to be more effective than salon or spa treatments. For example, consumers are gravitating towards LED light remedies from brands like Silk’N and laser hair growth treatments by Theradome.

Finally, we’re seeing a shift toward clean beauty and sustainable packaging. This is driven by consumers who are rejecting one-size-fits all and want beauty products made specifically for their needs. For example, a growing number of consumers are looking for skincare products that are made with 100% pure high-concentration plant-based ingredients. Brands that offer a clear, front-of-pack list of plant-based ingredients are growing in popularity.