What is Recreational Sport Therapy?

Recreational sports therapy in Sydney is a process that uses recreational and other activity-based interventions to improve physical, cognitive, social and emotional function. This is undertaken by a therapist who has been appropriately trained and credentialed to practice in this field. Known as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), this therapist is also trained to assess and identify an individual’s needs, goals, and abilities in order to provide appropriate recreational and/or therapeutic intervention.

Recreation and leisure activities are often the first line of support for people who have been affected by serious illness, injury or disability. Studies demonstrate that participation in leisure-based programs increases psychological wellbeing and improves overall quality of life.

“Embracing Recreation: Sport Therapy in Sydney

For example, in residential aged care, recreation and lifestyle staff work to foster residents’ emotional wellbeing by providing meaningful engagement opportunities such as reality orientation, games, handcraft and exercise. When the coronavirus pandemic led to a significant decline in visitor numbers, aged care staff found it difficult to maintain this level of activity and this was especially challenging for the leisure and lifestyle teams.

Pulse Sports Therapy was founded to offer a service that would allow professional, amateur and international athletes of all disciplines to recover from injuries whilst allowing them to continue to compete at the highest level possible. Our qualified sports physiotherapists have worked with a number of rugby players, orienteering and marathon runners to assist them in reaching their goals. Remedial massage is a highly effective treatment for sports injuries as it locates and repairs damaged regions of the body that are causing pain, tightness or restricting movement.