The Real World by Andrew Tate

the real world andrew tate

Despite being arrested for rape and human trafficking in Romania and banned from multiple social media platforms, controversial influencer Andrew Tate has gained a loyal following of men and boys. The Real World, a course he has created and promotes to people looking for ways to make money online, is a misguided hodgepodge of alt-right and conspiracy theories, but for some followers it appears to be a lifeline in an era of economic turmoil. Find out andrew tate .com

The Real World was launched shortly after Tate’s bans were imposed. Having been dropped by Discord and his payment processing accounts, Tate decided to create a platform that was cancel-proof and had no dependence on mainstream tech companies. He also needed to be able to keep up with the ever-changing modern world, so he moved to Telegram, an encrypted messaging service that allows creators to host their own servers and add more features to their courses.

Reality Mastery: Andrew Tate’s Lessons for Conquering the Real World

This new platform has a number of different features, including the ability for students to share their own “sob stories” about how much they’ve made and encourage others to sign up. It also has a course library that is updated in real-time, rather than in predetermined intervals.

The course also features a series of instructors who teach the students how to start a profitable business and become self-sufficient. These instructors are presented as successful entrepreneurs in their own fields, with claimed net worths in the millions. Whether their claims are valid is not clear, and it’s difficult to tell whether any of the courses offer value for money.