Planning Reports prepared by the Campaign

Save Leith Walk Campaign have drawn up two reports which list a number of material considerations why both the demolition of 106-154 Leith Walk and the new developments proposed for that site should be rejected.    These material considerations are so significant that we believe fair consideration by planning officials and the planning committee will lead to the refusal of planning permission for the new development.

We have produced these with the help of volunteers with skills in planning, architecture, community development, environmental issues and other areas.

We are happy for all interested parties to use our information as long as it is in line with our aims of saving Leith Walk and maintaining a vibrant and diverse community in Leith.

Please click here to download the SaveLeithWalk objection report to the demolition

Please click here to download the SaveLeithWalk report to Planning Submission.

If you can add something further to our conclusions, we would welcome this input.

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