Tips for writing to your Councillors

Some tips for writing to local politicians regarding the proposal
to demolish 106-154 Leith Walk

Below you will find suggestions for writing an email or letter to your local Councillor including a template to make things a little easier. Please try to find time to send them your opinions.

It is not necessary to compose a formal letter. You are writing as a citizen giving your opinion to your local representatives, so express yourself in a way which makes you feel comfortable!

  • Start with the right introduction, e.g. Dear Councillor <Surname>,
  • Think about tailoring individual letters/attachments for each councillor rather than sending the same thing to all of them.
  • Introduce yourself, e.g. say you’re a local resident and why you care so much about Leith.
  • State the reason you are writing, i.e. with regard to the planned demolition of 106-154 Leith Walk (Application 118/04332/FUL).
  • List the reasons why you feel the building should not be demolished in order to construct a multi-storey student accommodation block. These might include:

-that the iconic building embodies the history and heritage of Leith.

-that its striking design, dating from 1933, is unique to Leith and Edinburgh.

-that the building is one of only two art deco buildings left in Leith.

-that the building is a significant part of the Leith Walk skyline as one of only a handful of two-storey buildings.

-that the building and its current businesses embody our community, i.e. culturally diverse yet retaining local heritage that the building provides affordable space to small businesses, contributing to Leith’s community and creativity.

-the unlikelihood of businesses being able to return to the new build due to high cost of moving and re-establishing the unlikelihood of rents in the new build being affordable for small and independent businesses.

-that no amount of façadism will replace the style of the existing building.

-the severe disruption that local businesses would suffer during the demolition and development the air and noise pollution that would result from the demolition and development.

-that the proposed 6-7 storey development  would result in extreme loss of light

-that the development would be an overshadowing mass on the narrowest section of Leith Walk that the mass of the new build could act to trap air pollutants at the lower end of Leith Walk.

-that the population density on the developed site would be excessive even by Leith standards that the overwhelming need in Leith is for social housing rather than student accommodation.

-that the community rejects this plan as shown by the thousands who have signed the #SaveLeithWalk petition.

Planning Application Number 118/04332/FUL

Dear Councillor,

I would like to express my deep concern over the planned development by Drum Property Group in association with the University of Edinburgh Ltd at 106-154, Leith Walk. 

I am writing to you in your capacity as a public servant to express my serious objections to this planned development on a number of grounds.

<List what you object to here>

I hope you consider this and other correspondence when assessing the plans lodged by Drum Property Group s and I hope that the council will reject them entirely.