UPDATE: Deadline for objections & comments postponed to 28th Sept.

Following notifications from the Leith Central Community Council, Leith Councillors and Save Leith Walk, Edinburgh City Council has postponed the deadline for comments on both Planning applications. The new expiry date will be 28th September 2018. This will provide more time for everyone to make their objections and comments heard.

The decision was based on the original addresses of the Planning Applications being misleading, i.e. the original applications omitted the demolition address of the entire red sandstone building at 106-154 Leith Walk.

Therefore both applications are to be re-advertised on the City of Edinburgh Planning Portal with the updated address clearly taking this into

Can anyone help Leith Recording Company stay in Leith?

There is no valid reason that this should be happening so soon!
If anyone can help Leith Recording Company stay in Leith, let us know.
Save Leith Walk would like to thank you for all your support Alan. Good luck with the future.

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From Leith Recording Company:

“Hello beautiful people.

It is with a heavy heart and much regret that I have to inform you that Leith Recording Company will be closing it’s doors on October the 1st this year.

I would like to thank every artist, band, company and organisation that has supported us over the last two years. Specially the Leith Depot and it’s directors who have been absolutely incredible in the support, opportunity and friendship they have offered. A debt that can never be repaid.

I would also like to thank the Save Leith Walk campaign for all of there efforts.

The search for a new affordable premise in Leith has been and continues to be extremely difficult to the point I have to consider moving further afield.

It would have been hard to imagine six months ago but my native Glasgow is looking more and more attractive as an affordable way to continue to produce music.

I truly love Leith and will desperately miss living here. I wish every musician and artist in the local area every success in the future, and desperately regret I will not have the opportunity to work with you in your future development.

Peace, love, music, friendship and comradery to you all.

All our love and respect. LRC. “

Edinburgh Evening News – Kezia Dugdale : Fight for Leith puts people before profit

Read the great article by Kezia Dugdale in the Edinburgh Evening News here.

Apart from the Drum Property Group, EdinburghUniversity Uni, investors and and small amount of the public, everyone else can see how wrong this development is. Why are they still not listening to the community? #communitycomesfirst#stopthedevelopment #leaveleithalone

Picture by Ian Georgeson.

Save Leith Walk campaigners Karen Greig and Adrian Graham at the City Chambers.