Upstairs X Afternoon Delight – Save Leith Walk

1 July at 14:00–17:00

To celebrate the bringing in of the summer, we are having an afternoon delight special at Upstairs this time around! Celebrate with music from Stephen McLaren and Errant Boy. The format will be something resembling a musical sandwich, with McLaren providing the old school Mother’s Pride plain loaf slices and Errant Boy providing a cracking hearty filling. Of course, that would be nonsense without a proper explanation – extended set from McLaren split in the middle by an Errant Boy masterclass. And if you’re still not with us even after that explanation, then you should just come anyway and see for yourself.

All the profits for this will go straight to the Save Leith Walk campaign. Ironic that a property management company with a musical instrument for its name would actively cause the destruction of one of the most vibrant musical hubs around. Here’s that’s a cracker even for me, and I haven’t seen anyone use it yet. It’s so good that I thought about deleting it in favour of using it in some kind of fantasy where I have the baws to speak at a Save Leith Walk meeting and challenge the Drum folk directly, to the applause of millions. If you see anyone using this, they are an imitator.