About the campaign

Save Leith Walk is a grassroots public campaign to prevent the demolition of a building, protect the heritage of the Walk, and celebrate the very essence of what Leith is. Please join us now.

Drum Property Group has lodged an appeal  against the unanimous Council’s rejection of their plans. Drum are willing to overrule the City of Edinburgh Council’s decision by appealing to the Scottish Government who will appoint a single non elected  reporter to make a decision on the case.

The deadline for comments is midnight 6 June 2019

What you can do:

At this point the Scottish Reporter will not respond to information that is being repeated. They will read all existing responses and planning information so you do not need to repeat what you have already said.

However if you would like to contact them to oppose Drum’s proposed demolition and new development there are a number of things that could be helpful. There are many planning policies that the development breaches and Drum are asking for leniency as they think the rules are too strict.  If you could provide stories, evidence and anecdotes about how you, your family or friends have been affected by planning issues then this would be new information for the Scottish Reporter.

For example you could tell them about

  • Problems getting housing in the Leith Walk area and in particular how more affordable housing would help
  • Problems securely locking your bike locally and any shortages in bike racks
  • Difficulties in travelling to university and college campuses around Edinburgh, how long it takes and problems with transport infrastructure in poor weather and at busy times
  • Trying to find start up business and retail premises, particularly if you tried to rent a property in 106-154 Leith Walk at any point in the last 10 years or even the workshops round the back.
  • When you were looking for business premises were you aware of any marketing for the premises at 106-154 Leith Walk
  • Any wild animals, bats, badgers and butterflies that you might have seen walking through the site

All of these would be helpful but you may have other stories about life in Leith Walk that you want to share.  Feel  free to share these with the Scottish Reporter via the Case Office Liz.Kerr@gov.scot 

Please make sure you send in any comments by  the closing date of  June 6th quoting reference CAC-230-2004

Links to view the Statements of Appeal :

Statement of Appeal on Demolition as lodged by Drum:

Statement of Appeal on Development as lodged by Drum:

Links to view the full appeal documents (inc. original Planning docs):

Conservation Area Consent Appeal documents:

Planning Permission Appeal documents:

Community Planning Workshop

The Save Leith Walk campaign  invited the community of Leith to a Community Planning Workshop in January 2019 in order to develop an alternative vision for the land on Stead’s Place as well as the 106-154 Leith Walk red sandstone building. This event was an opportunity for the community of Leith to voice their wishes and needs in regards to development.

Here are some of the ideas which came out:

The event took place at:
Leith Dockers Club
17-17a Academy Street
EH6 7EE, Edinburgh

What Leith Walk needs

Let’s remember that Leith Walk is about community.  It is about people working together, people living together and people sharing together.    Developing a community is more than a set of new building opportunities. Developing a community is changing and supporting people’s lives.

We have listened to and worked with thousands of people about what
they thought Leith needed.   And out of this emerged a vision for
Leith as a well-connected society looking after everyone, including
people with special needs, elderly, young families and students.

This vision seeks to build on the strength of the existing community
and to create new ways of bringing people together.  They can enhance
the area, preserve its diversity and inclusivity, and contribute
towards Leith having a bright future in the 21st century.

Read this vision and let us know what you think;

Vision Summary:

Full Vision:



I am Leith Walk Business Centre

The proposed development

The Planning key details are of the Planning Application at Stead’s Place are:

  • Demolition of the red sandstone buildings at 106 – 154 Leith Walk, where a number of lively and well loved local businesses currently operate.
  • 471 Student bedrooms.
  • 56 bedrooms hotel.
  • 6-7 storey high buildings.
  • Only 53 ‘affordable housing’ flats.